My The Signal Articles

My The Signal Articles

The Signal is The College of New Jersey’s student newspaper.

I have been a Signal writer from Fall of Freshman year (2013) to my now Spring of Senior year (2017). I was the Nation and World Editor from May 2015-December 2015.

Students barter for bikes to reduce carbon footprint

Iraqi forces close in on last ISIS-held city


Gretchen Carlson receives $20 million settlement with Fox


Paris attacks lead French President to reach out


Weak WiFi connection considered in recent report


China burns more coal than previously believed


New speaker asks for bipartisanship in Congress


Around the globe: Hurricane misses Mexico


Obama and justice leaders discuss criminal reform


Clinton and Sanders become spotlight of debate


Treasure hunters search for elusive ‘gold train’


Jazz concert benefits Congo citizens


Pope brings faith to millions in America


Tourists fatally mistaken for terrorists in Egypt


Thousands of migrants arrive at German destination


Cameraman and reporter shot dead on air; Tragedy strikes local Virginia television station


AXiD getting ready for first full year on campus


‘Paramnesia’ takes home award in Hollywood


Breaking down the work of 14th century Italian writers


Breaking down the work of 14th century Italian writers


Trial against Boston Marathon bomber begins


Moral accountability missing in businesses


Hilary Clinton uses private account for e-mails


AI-makers should consider control


Students discover new opportunities at Career Fair


Taibbi criticizes white-collar criminals


Mercer County recovers from false-alarm ‘blizzard’


Brian Williams suspended for fabrication


Breathe In, Breathe Out encourages healthy lifestyles


Local Frontier Airlines cancels flights to US cities


Morrison recognized for her work with students


March calls for justice for victims of police brutality


Getting politically active while in college


College hosts Congressional race events


Sunshine Agenda


A first look at the future STEM Building


Sarah Dash brings music back to Trenton


Exploring the not-so-distant dystopian future


Survey reveals College has positive environment


Grant recognizes stellar student services


Paying the price for exercise


STEM building to be built on Holman ground


Old sports: earning gold medals in golden years


A night of hope


A film festival by, for and about women


High school visits College


Testing the state’s resiliency in times of crisis


Freshmen are well ‘bread’ for competition


In Tanzania, a cultural lens for motherhood


Human trafficking, knowing the ‘red flags’


In India, College debaters take on the world


Frost details relationship closeness studies


Learning how to develop good dining habits


Debate club holds tourney for forensics


Fraternity celebrates Hispanic College Day


Activist enlightens about sexual identity


Students triumph over Deans in debate


Film and club value happiness above money

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