PUP Internship Blog

Princeton University Press (posts I’ve written or edited and posted on WordPress)

Stunning Species in Better Birding

Lynn Gamwell on math and the visual arts’ shared cultural history

The Process Matters: Joel Brockner critiques Twitter’s most recent layoff method

Armistead and Sullivan on the unique joy of (better) birding

Conversations on Climate: Victor W. Olgyay on Design and Ecology’s Interconnection

Affordable Housing in New York: A Slideshow

#ThanksEinstein: Alice Calaprice on the man behind the myth

#ThanksEinstein: Jürgen Renn on popularizing Einstein

#ThanksEinstein: Hanoch Gutfreund on the revelation of relativity

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd speaks out against religious-citizenship test

#ThanksEinstein: Jimena Canales on the ideal figure of Einstein

PUP congratulates writers chosen for The Best Writing on Mathematics 2015

Why Calculus Will Save You from the Zombie Apocalypse

What do these Nobel prize winning economists have in common?

An interview with Wendy Laura Belcher on “The Life and Struggles of Our Mother Walatta Petros”

Victor Olgyay: Architecture is the cause and solution to climate related problems

The New Yorker’s Fall Reading List; Cioffi’s “One Day in the Life of the English Language”

Happy 101st Birthday, Martin Gardner
“The Bees in Your Backyard” Slideshow and Exclusive Interview

(Stanley) Fish Food for Thought: Cultural Reflections

Why beekeeping in L.A. is a good thing, according to Noah Wilson-Rich

Ian Goldin discusses the migration crisis

Jonathan Zimmerman: How consensual is casual sex on campus?

Anat Admati on the stark reality of post-2008 banking

(Stanley) Fish Food for Thought: Reflections on Religion

An interview with poet Troy Jollimore on “Syllabus of Errors”
(Stanley) Fish Food for Thought: Aesthetic Reflections

(Stanley) Fish Food for Thought, Part 2: Reflections on Liberal Arts Education

(Stanley) Fish Food for Thought: Personal Reflections

Watch the new trailer for Sheila Fitzpatrick’s “On Stalin’s Team”



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